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Sourcing Passive Talent to Work for You Training

Are you an in-house recruiter who may have faced these issues before?

  1. Carrying out a job search solely based on the information written in the job description,
  2. noticing the information in the job description is often too generic and might be outdated,
  3. realising after that the candidate’s skills, experience and characteristics do not meet the hiring manager’s expectations, and
  4. asking hiring managers questions only after the job search has begun.

Recruiters are always pressed for time and we understand that it can be quite taxing to research on an unfamiliar role or to catch hiring managers at the right time to discuss the job search.

Let VHR help and guide you on how to tackle these issues with our proven methodology and techniques. Join us for a training session on how to source for the right candidate to work for your organisation. We customise our training programmes to fit the expectations of our clients. Reach out to us to learn more about what we can offer!

Effective Team Building

Speaking on behalf of the majority, we can confidently say that we spend at least eight hours a day and five days a week at our workplace. Our workplace is like our second home and it would not be a surprising matter if we want to have great relationships with our teammates, treating them just like our family members. Hence, having an excellent team dynamic is important.

Team dynamics are the unconscious forces that influence the behaviour and performance of a team. Studies shown teams that have great dynamics work well together produces better work result and each individual are more willing to push themselves harder. Organisations and team leaders play a crucial role in this scenario. It is important for leaders to understand each employee’s behaviour and their work competency prior to assigning them a job.

In our effective team building training, team leaders and their teammates will get to learn each other’s behavioural pattern through a behavioural assessment, known as the PDA (Personal Development Analysis). Through that, leaders will:

  • have better insights on the leadership compatibility with the team, ensuring a more effective leadership,
  • gain a clearer understanding of the group competency to increase the team’s productivity level,
  • benefit from the team’s energy level report, ensuring a more engaged workforce.

We believe that this training will provide a practical approach to help leaders to choose and assign the right job to the right person. It will help both leaders and group members to have a better understanding of the group dynamics. Speak to us today to learn more about what we can offer!

Top Headhunter Agency / Recruitment Agencies Company in Malaysia

VHR Consultancy is recognised as the Top Headhunter Agency Company in Malaysia. Since our humble beginning in 2012, we have proven ourselves and gained the confidence of multiple organisations, from local giants to well-known MNCs to source for the best talents in the market. We hold strongly the principles of Integrity, Accountability, and Perseverance; pledged to offer the best executive search service to our clients and always persevere through to help them to find the rarest talents and close the hardest positions.

Top Headhunter Agency / Recruitment Agencies Company in Malaysia

We are best known for our mid to senior level executive search services, covering all functional roles in an organisation, specialising predominantly in the Engineering field, followed by Science and Technology. Throughout the years of work in our field, VHR has also gained recognition from other leading industry players such as FMCG, professional services, financial institutions, and insurance and investments which we now proudly serve as clients.

Top Headhunter Agency Company in Malaysia

The heart and soul of VHR would be the close-knit team of consultants from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Our dynamic team is made up of the best-specialised consultants in the industry who have proved to consistently exceed clients’ expectations. To ensure our consultants are always on top of their game, continuous learning through internal and external training was made the main priority for our team.

Top Recruitment Agencies Company in Malaysia

That aside, VHR also believes that learning by teaching others is extremely effective. Hence, we offer private and public training programmes to the organisation and individuals who are interested to learn the art of headhunting and passive talent sourcing. Our training programmes also include outplacement, individual and team behavioural assessments, and business coaching to leaders who aim to bring their businesses to the next level.

Should your organisation would like to learn more about what VHR can offer you today, whether it is executive search services or training programmes, reach out to us at +603 5650 5176 or email at enquiry@vhrconsultancy.com. Let us help you.

The Awards Winning Engineering Executive Search

VHR Consultancy is known as multiple award-winning Engineering experts in the recruitment industry, founded in Malaysia and has regional presences in Indonesia and Thailand. Clients of VHR are trusting and confident in the services offered, as only the best candidates in the market will be scouted and placed by the firm. In the year of 2018, VHR has partnered with NPAworldwide, an international recruiting association that allows the firm to work with various other top recruitment firms to help clients worldwide to search for the best talents. To date, VHR has successfully executed high-level talent searches for well-known MNCs and start-ups in America, China and Europe.

The firm holds firmly to five principals, and they are integrity, accountability, perseverance, appreciation and respect. It is our clients’ and candidates’ support that has given us the success we have today. Hence, we believe that transparency is the key to an honest and long-term relationship with both clients and candidates. That aside, it is ingrained in all of our consultants to promise only what they can deliver, persevere through regardless how tough the search is, and always aim to deliver more than what has been promised. At VHR, we truly believe that it is our responsibility to help others to gain a better life through a better career.

Living in the age of digital disruption, it is observed that artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly taking over the human’s role. However, being in the service providing industry, a personal touch is crucial and it is something which cannot easily be replaced by AI. As recruiters, we hold an important role which is to represent our clients and it is understood that it is our responsibility to look after our clients’ image. On behalf of our clients, candidates of VHR will be screened, interviewed face-to-face, guided through up until the offering stage; our consultants will join candidates for their onboarding and keep a close follow-up on candidates’ wellbeing in their new job with our clients.

If your organisation is looking for a trustworthy recruitment partner, reach out to us today to learn more about what VHR Consultancy can offer. Give us a call at +603 5650 5176 or email us at enquiry@vhrconsultancy.com for more information.

Who is VHR

VHR Consultancy is a Malaysian, Engineering and Technology industry focused executive search firms in Malaysia Singapore, founded by Low Fang Kai, the Managing Director, in the year of 2012; we have offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. VHR has earned the reputation for timely and accurate delivery of talented and competent candidates. We have also won multiple awards since 2015 and were awarded The Grand Winner of Recruitment Solution Provider at the Asia Recruitment Awards in the year of 2018.

executive search firms in Malaysia, Singapore

VHR is Executive Search Recruiters, Recruitment Firms in Malaysia, Singapore.

Our executive recruiters help our clients to search for talents of mid to senior management level, and across multiple functional roles in an organisation both locally and internationally. All our consultants at VHR were trained to help clients to scout for the best candidates in the market and to close the toughest as well as most technical roles. We recruit for permanent and contract opportunities across the following areas:

  • Manufacturing and Automation
  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • Equipment and Trading
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Information Technology

That aside, VHR also provide a full range of tailored talent solutions that include but not limited to talent mapping, behavioral assessments, organisational alignment, training, and coaching.

executive search recruiters in Malaysia, Singapore

Why should you choose VHR? There are two things that VHR firmly believe in, first, to provide the best client services, and two, to provide a better life to our candidates. As recruiters, we act as an extension of our client’s talent team, providing a thorough recruitment service that covers identifying and recruiting the right talent, candidate on-boarding, and following-up with placed candidates to ensure their job satisfaction. We cherish great relationships with our clients and candidates, to us, it is the ‘human touch’ that we value and believe that it can never be replaced.


Reach out to our executive recruiters today to learn more about what we can offer. Contact us at +603 5650 5176 or email us at enquiry@vhrconsultancy.com for more information. We do welcome visit to your office, for Executive Search Recruiters, Recruitment Firms for Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.