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Committed to VHR’s Promise

Helping a regional leading scientific instruments MNC to find candidate replacement without fail.

The Company was founded in 1989 with the objective to set a new standard in the distribution and support of scientific products in S.E. Asia. Today, the Client is a clear leader in this field representing leading manufacturers in providing current and next-generation tools and technologies together with training, applications support, instrument installation and maintenance support.

VHR was being assigned as the recruitment partner back in 2013 for their sales & technical openings including but not limited to Branch Manager, Product Manager, Sales Manager and Service Engineer.


One of the most challenging job assignments assigned to VHR was to recruit a Branch Manager in Northern Malaysia, back in Year 2014. The challenges that VHR needed to overcome were:

  • Northern region candidates tended to stay longer in their current company and are not so welcome to the idea of changing their career platform unless it is for a very attractive remuneration package and job satisfaction.
  • Due to the nature of technically specialised and scientific driven ecosystem, there are limited competitors and candidates to source from on behalf of the Client.

Solutions / Discovery

VHR analyzed the given parameters to help the HR team to examine the feasibility of various recruitment opportunities. After much study,VHR finally decided to go with a 100% head hunting approach. Head hunting is a proven and effective recruitment approach but at the same time, it is also the most time consuming strategy.

VHR directly contacted the qualified candidates. After filtering the candidates, we presented 1 profile for Client’s perusal.

Outcome / Impact

One interview was being arranged and on the spot, the candidate is being offered by Client. VHR had achieved 100% accuracy in this search. Candidate had signed the LO and joined the Company after client-candidate’s expectation bridging exercise. What a relief!

However, an unforseen challenge was yet to come…. After the candidte was on board for approximately 3 months — due to a personal reason — the candidate had to leave the organization within the warranty period. The most hated nighmare for any head hunter.

Nevertheless, VHR is always committed to the promise given to Client. VHR has never run away from the above said problem.To solve the problem quickly, VHR mobilised double the work force to expedite the candidate’s replacement exercise. We had:

  1. Combed more than 200 candidates in Northern Region
  2. Extended the targeted search candidates to Central Region
  3. Widen the candidates search parameters with the similar job scope and experience required

Finally, VHR found a suitable replacement candidate for Client! A testimonial of sheer commitment and self accountability to Client!

Additional Information: Testimonial from Managing Director

Of all the ‘Recruitment Consultants’ and I use the term lightly, that I have used over the years, VHR have proven to be highly professional in all their dealing with us, both with (us) as well as the candidates they have proposed. This professionalism and going the ‘extra distance’ has been shown even after the candidate has been placed with us, in that you do a follow up with both the candidate as well as (us) to ensure both sides are happy.

When we have needed to replace a candidate, not usually a fault of VHR or (us), then this has been dealt with speedily and at no additional cost to (us).

Thank you again for all your help over the last 3 years with our HR requirements.