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Cross-Countries Executive Search

Engaged by a Malaysian based leading aluminium alloy ingot manufacturer to recruit Thailand home-based Sales Manager

The Client is a leading manufacturer of various grades of aluminium alloy ingots which was well known for its high quality and able to consistently meet customer requirements. Back in April 2013, VHR was being assigned as the exclusive recruitment partner for the Client’s overseas recruitment project for their Sales Manager based in Thailand.


This was the first project that VHR was assigned to search for a Thai-nationality candidate. The challenges that VHR faced while executing this search was:

  • Language barrier (Mostly are Thai speaking)
  • No infrastructure presence in Thailand (The Client and VHR)
  • Industry is very niche and therefore, limited talent pool

Solutions / Discovery

Despite the challenges, VHR managed to successfully hunt Thai candidates and also conducted telephone and skype interviews with candidates before presenting qualified candidates to the Client for selection process. In specific, VHR was using the following methods to find qualified candidates:

  • Head hunting
  • Social media
  • Local networking or referral

Outcome / Impact

In total, VHR had identified about 80 to-be-targeted companies (metal industry related) and interviewed them one-by-one to search for the right candidate. Besides the skype interview, shortlisted candidates even flew down to Malaysia for face-to-face interview and case study presentation.

For the 1st round of search, the Client had offered a candidate. Unfortunately, the said candidate rejected the Client’s offer and decided to work for her family business.

Showing the dedication and persistence, we kicked off the 2nd round of search, we managed to find another qualified candidate and followed through with her offer and on boarding process. Since then, both Consultant and Candidate became good friends.