Executive Search

It takes Experts, to know Experts.

Insightful thinking. Award Winning Solutions.

Since our inception in December 2012, as an established international executive search agency in Malaysia and Singapore, we have won multiple awards and have grown to become one of the biggest specialist engineering recruitment firms in Malaysia with a solid reputation for timely and accurate delivery of qualified and talented candidates. Our clients come to us for help in recruiting the best mid-to-senior-level talents in the market. We offer a full range of tailored recruitment solutions including market mapping, personality assessment, alignment and coaching upon on-boarding.

It takes experts to know experts

We believe that searches should be conducted by consultants who know the ins and outs of the industry as this provides insightful thinking of the challenges faced by the position, and the candidates’ cultural fit and capabilities within the organization. This founding philosophy gradually became the cornerstone for our unique approach and advantage.

Introducing, the VHR Unique Focus

It is an extraordinary combination of years of experience managing executive and top management search in engineering based public listed and multinational companies, a remarkably well-connected network, a proven proprietary methodology and a commitment by our team of expert consultants to deliver the highest quality bespoke recruitment solutions on time.

Backed by an expert advisory team, you will have access to industry knowledge necessary to identify, attract, develop and retain exceptional top leadership. Proven top leadership is a powerful strategic asset, and the VHR Unique Focus offers effective recruitment solutions for you.

VHR Consultancy – Executive Search Singapore, Malaysia is your preferred partner in Executive Search / Recruitment, connecting you with Singapore, Malaysia top executive talents.

VHR Consultancy is committed to providing you with the best-in-class research, methodology, tools, and services to give your HR leadership team what they need to operate efficiently. To learn how we can help your business, contact us.

Our executive recruitment methodology allows for the successful introduction of high-quality candidates who meet or exceed expectations.


VHR Smart Tools

The VHR recruitment experience is smarter and more engaging than ever with a powerful set of tools that give you in-depth insights for recruiting and retaining staff, and assessments that give you a high level of clarity for all your HR decisions. Talk to us to learn how you can immediately deliver top-level impact in your organization.

VHR Proven Methodology

We’ve transformed the science of finding the right candidate into a work of art that can be seamlessly executed in just ten simple steps: