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New Regional Marketing Office Set-up

Helping one of the world’s biggest and oldest electronics company with their manpower needs for their relocation from Japan (HQ) to Malaysia

Established in March 1976, our client has been one of Malaysia’s earliest investors in the electronics manufacturing industry. Despite growing competitiveness in the ASEAN region, they have identified Malaysia as a strategic business hub and thus have made a landmark decision to move their Product Marketing Division regional HQ to Malaysia and expand it in order to serve the region better.

Late October 2014, VHR was assigned as 1 of the 2 exclusive recruitment partners for this project to help them recruit positions such as Marketing Managers, Marketing Planning Manager, Sourcing Manager and Executive, Marketing Executive, Financial Analysts, Market Research Manager and Executive etc.


With more than 20 headcounts to fill in a short time period, the biggest challenge was not only to find the qualified candidates that would be able to handle the demands of the HQ role, but also to meet the very tight timeline as the Japanese interviewers from HQ will be flying in to conduct the interviews for all the positions at a set date.

Top 3 biggest challenges faced:

  1. VHR had to send suitable candidates in less than 10 days for 8 different positions in order for them to make it for the walk in interview held on the 2nd week of Nov
  2. Finding qualified candidates that had regional experience or qualities that would be suitable for this challenge
  3. Understanding of what the client’s requirements, as they had very specific needs that was quite niche for the positions.

Solutions / Discovery

VHR worked closely with the HR of the company to strategize and move forward together on this project to ensure that it was a success. Using VHR’s tried and proven methodology and also the consultant’s relevant knowledge in the consumer electronics’ industry, VHR was able to consistently supply suitable qualified candidates within the deadline given for all the positions mentioned above.

Such was our level of delivery and commitment to the project that our client decided that all of VHR’s candidates in the future will be guaranteed an interview.

Outcome / Impact

Phase 1 (the most critical phase of the project) was a big success. The client’s prioritized openings has been filled, and VHR managed to close most of the Manager’s roles for the project.

With all the major hires in place, the success of this department will give our client a competitive edge over its rivals in the ASEAN region, gaining a strategic advantage due to its close proximity the consumers, and by providing support and intel to all its other divisions. This in turn will allow them to develop better products that the consumers want, thus gaining an advantage in a fiercely competitive market.

The recruitment process with our client for this project is on-going and VHR is currently chosen as their preferred partner for this project.