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Perfect Match within 10 days

100% accuracy in candidate selection and bridging the closure process for a Malaysian based Public Listed Company

A well-established Public Listed Company based in Malaysia involved in building material manufacturing has engaged VHR as their recruitment partner for a Finance ManagerSearch assignment. This opening is to be based in Northern Malaysia. VHR was being engaged by the Client in Q1 2015.


The said opening has been vacated since Q3 2014. Some search efforts was initiated back in 2014 via different recruitment channels but it was to no avail.

Due to a very limited talent pool in Northern Malaysia — in specific, a small town whichis 350km away from KL — as well as added mandatory requirements for the candidate by Client’s management for the search, including but not limited to:-

  1. A certified Chartered Accountant
  2. Strong finance management experience in a Manufacturing environment
  3. Well experienced as Finance Business Partner to internal business stakeholders

This was an uphill task for any recruitment agency. However, it was an honour for VHR to be associated with this Malaysian-based-conglomerate and hence we decided to take up the challenge and kick start the search immediately i.e. right after being engaged by the Client in Q1 2015.

Solutions / Discovery

We immediately formed a 2-pronged search strategy:

  • Broad based search via VHR Database, LinkedIn, and referral’s recommendation.
  • Targeted-companies search via head hunting.

Along the process, we narrowed down our strategy to be focused on purely head hunting where we decided to go for a geographical area mapping and targeted nearby factories. 57 companies had been identified and we managed to find more than 40 potential candidates and finally, we touched base with 28 potential candidates that we found potentially suitable for the role.

Well… it was truly not an easy search to get a qualified talent in this small town but our great effort paid off! We have successfully found the right candidate – the only candidate in the radius of 30km from Client’s location — that fit into the needed criteria. We hadpresented the qualified candidate to Client just after 10 days of search engagement and managed to close the position.

Outcome / Impact

It was really the happiest moment where the RIGHT talent was found with 100% accuracy!

To ensure a smooth closure process between client and candidate, VHR followed up with the candidate for 5 days in a row without fail. Therefore, due to the continuous and professional follow up, finally, the candidate made the right choice and said “YES” to Client’s offer.

VHR went the extra mile to manage any potential red flags including ensuring that the candidate’s resignation was submitted as per the planned date, manage the candidate not to accept any potential counter offer from his current employer.We will ensure smooth hand-over process and look forward with anticipation to candidate’s new career undertaking!