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Sourcing Passive Talent to Work for You Training

Are you an in-house recruiter who may have faced these issues before?

  1. Carrying out a job search solely based on the information written in the job description,
  2. noticing the information in the job description is often too generic and might be outdated,
  3. realising after that the candidate’s skills, experience and characteristics do not meet the hiring manager’s expectations, and
  4. asking hiring managers questions only after the job search has begun.

Recruiters are always pressed for time and we understand that it can be quite taxing to research on an unfamiliar role or to catch hiring managers at the right time to discuss the job search.

Let VHR help and guide you on how to tackle these issues with our proven methodology and techniques. Join us for a training session on how to source for the right candidate to work for your organisation. We customise our training programmes to fit the expectations of our clients. Reach out to us to learn more about what we can offer!

Effective Team Building

Speaking on behalf of the majority, we can confidently say that we spend at least eight hours a day and five days a week at our workplace. Our workplace is like our second home and it would not be a surprising matter if we want to have great relationships with our teammates, treating them just like our family members. Hence, having an excellent team dynamic is important.

Team dynamics are the unconscious forces that influence the behaviour and performance of a team. Studies shown teams that have great dynamics work well together produces better work result and each individual are more willing to push themselves harder. Organisations and team leaders play a crucial role in this scenario. It is important for leaders to understand each employee’s behaviour and their work competency prior to assigning them a job.

In our effective team building training, team leaders and their teammates will get to learn each other’s behavioural pattern through a behavioural assessment, known as the PDA (Personal Development Analysis). Through that, leaders will:

  • have better insights on the leadership compatibility with the team, ensuring a more effective leadership,
  • gain a clearer understanding of the group competency to increase the team’s productivity level,
  • benefit from the team’s energy level report, ensuring a more engaged workforce.

We believe that this training will provide a practical approach to help leaders to choose and assign the right job to the right person. It will help both leaders and group members to have a better understanding of the group dynamics. Speak to us today to learn more about what we can offer!