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Top Headhunter Agency / Recruitment Agencies Company in Malaysia

VHR Consultancy is recognised as the Top Headhunter Agency Company in Malaysia. Since our humble beginning in 2012, we have proven ourselves and gained the confidence of multiple organisations, from local giants to well-known MNCs to source for the best talents in the market. We hold strongly the principles of Integrity, Accountability, and Perseverance; pledged to offer the best executive search service to our clients and always persevere through to help them to find the rarest talents and close the hardest positions.

Top Headhunter Agency / Recruitment Agencies Company in Malaysia

We are best known for our mid to senior level executive search services, covering all functional roles in an organisation, specialising predominantly in the Engineering field, followed by Science and Technology. Throughout the years of work in our field, VHR has also gained recognition from other leading industry players such as FMCG, professional services, financial institutions, and insurance and investments which we now proudly serve as clients.

Top Headhunter Agency Company in Malaysia

The heart and soul of VHR would be the close-knit team of consultants from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Our dynamic team is made up of the best-specialised consultants in the industry who have proved to consistently exceed clients’ expectations. To ensure our consultants are always on top of their game, continuous learning through internal and external training was made the main priority for our team.

Top Recruitment Agencies Company in Malaysia

That aside, VHR also believes that learning by teaching others is extremely effective. Hence, we offer private and public training programmes to the organisation and individuals who are interested to learn the art of headhunting and passive talent sourcing. Our training programmes also include outplacement, individual and team behavioural assessments, and business coaching to leaders who aim to bring their businesses to the next level.

Should your organisation would like to learn more about what VHR can offer you today, whether it is executive search services or training programmes, reach out to us at +603 5650 5176 or email at enquiry@vhrconsultancy.com. Let us help you.